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The Security and Life Safety team is responsible for round-the-clock safety and security of the complex and its tenants. Yonge Corporate Centre has an in-house Manager for Security and Life Safety, whose job it is to oversee the continuous training of all Security and Life Safety personnel in the critical disciplines of Emergency Response, Building Evacuation, Asset Protection and Tenant Communications.
The Security and Life Safety team is also responsible for the enforcement of building and fire code regulations, fire warden training and all life safety programs.
Use of Personal Appliances
For the health and safety of the Tenants and Occupants of YCC, Building Management does not permit personal appliances including, but not limited to, space heaters, foot warmers, fans, refrigerators, coffee makers, kettles, toasters, microwaves, popcorn makers, and cup warmers, to be used at personal workstation areas. The use of personal appliances shall be limited to designated eating areas only, such as kitchens, lunchrooms and serveries.  In addition, all appliances must be ULC and CSA approved.
This policy is in effect to protect both human life and property and to conserve electricity.
If a medical emergency should arise, first contact 911 and then immediately contact 
YCC Security at 416-222-4993.
Fire and Security System/Highlights:
  • All buildings are fully sprinklered and equipped with fire detection devices and monitoring sytems that meet Fire Code regulations.
  • The Security and Life Safety Manager organizes monthly testing of all complex fire alarms and life safety equipment.
  • All buildings utilize a card access/security system at front entrances, parking vestibules and elevators.

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