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Green Initiatives...


Remarkable Progress

Creating the foundation for a sustainable community and advancing its standards and objectives is a priority at Yonge Corporate Centre. In partnership with our tenants, we have made remarkable progress in core areas such as organic recycling, energy conservation and waste management. While we are proud of our recent accomplishments, as a community we also realize that there is much left to do.
Yonge Corporate Centre. A Responsible and Sustainable Community.
YCC Green Initiatives:
  • Organic Recycling – In an effort to move closer to our long-term goal of zero waste at YCC, we now have an organic recycling program.  Containers for organic waste can be found in our food court and organic bins (green floor bins and/or beige counter bins) are in  tenant kitchen areas to allow easy access and to keep organics away from work areas. Depositing organic waste once a day is an important and easy step.  For more information about what goes into the organics bin, click on the links below:

    What goes in an Organic Bin       I       Office Recycling Guide   

  • Waste Reduction – YCC is experiencing great success with its Single Sream Recycling System. Under this program, individual tenants are asked to place all recyclables (paper fibre, cardboard, metal cans, tin cans, aluminum cans, glass, plastic bottles and containers) into the blue recycling bin located at each desk station. The co-mingled waste is then transported to a single stream recovery facility, where separation occurs. This process has resulted in YCC achieving a Diversion Rate away from landfill of 82%. A remarkable community accomplishment that will only grow.

  • Green Cleaning – YCC has in place a comprehensive green cleaning program in each of its buildings and common areas. Green cleaning is all about using environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices. All YCC products are either Green Seal or Ecologo certified. All cleaning staff participate in a green cleaning training program. The use of green products and practices helps YCC create a healthier and more comfortable environment for its tenants.

YCC Green Reports